Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Love List: Thankfulness

What I am thankful for....

1. Skype, to talk to my family members across the country
2. M&M's
3. Children's laughter
4. Coffee
5. Games, sports and competitive spirits
6. Family. Especially nephews who crinkle their nose when they smile, and have joy radiating from their eyes.
7. Friends who do silly dances and stay up late laughing
8. Bright, clear, sunshiney days
9. Chocolate chip, oatmeal cookie dough
10. Sappy Hallmark channel Christmas movies
11. A country where I feel safe in and free to pursue my dreams
12. Funny people. 
13. New fabric and material
14. Did I mention coffee?
15. Toothpaste and toothbrushes (have you seen historical figures' teeth??)
16. My middle school kids, and being able to spend time with them
17. New favorite songs, that seem to change every week
18. Dancing!
19. A good night's sleep
20. My mom's fly-off-the-plate pancakes

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Style

Thanksgiving Style
Thanksgiving brings us together with loved ones, strangers, friends, and future acquaintances, and depending on the company we keep, comfort is essential. 
Meeting new, future, or potential in-laws/family members, I think its always better to dress up. You don't know their family traditions yet, and like a good job interview, more is better.
Not everyone can be with their family over the holidays, and maybe your planning an orphan "friendsgiving" for your friends without nearby homes. Humor is always appreciated in these gatherings, and an ironic holiday tee or sweatshirt will be a great conversation starter.
And for those of you lucky enough to be with your family on these turkey holiday, a stylish flannel, and jeweled sweatshirt, paired with leather leggins, allows for room to grow (literally - food bellies are a real thing) while still feeling comfortable and hiding any bulges.

Monday, November 11, 2013


 Ugly tray, right?
Right.. on the back there's even a note to some unfortunate daughter-in-law from her new in-laws, welcoming her into the family.. Apparently this tray did not hold a place in her heart like it does mine, and she Be-trayed this lovely piece of artwork and her new family.
I knew that we could make this into something much more appealing. So I spray painted it gold, then hot-glued this modern thick black and white striped fabric. I love the way it turned out, and it is the perfect place to hold my new adorable owls!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wise Old Owls Get a Facelift

I have been seeing these white porcelain birds in every Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and modern decorating websites, and have wanted my own! It seemed relatively easy to make, the hardest part would be finding the right owls! So I set off for Goodwill the other day with the hope that I would find the right birds to nest in my home:) I was so lucky! These were the first two I saw and I got both of them for $6!
Next I got some spray paint - I chose the off white gloss, so that the shine would be there to give it some porcelain appeal. (I was debating between the white and gold for awhile - but thought the white would be better for year round)  

 It took about four coats of the spray paint - maybe it would've been less if I had primed the owls beforehand, but I love the way they turned out, and now they are proudly watching out from their new perch on the living room table.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY: One Hour Skirt

1. Measure waist, and add 8" - Cut rectangle that width (waist+8") by 22" 
2. Sew the sides together to create a "tube"
3. Fold down top first 1/2" and iron down, then fold down another 1 1/2" and iron - Sew down both the top and bottom of the waistband as seen in the picture above, but make sure to leave a gap to feed elastic through.
4. Feed the elastic through the waistband, I used a safety pin to help me push it through. As it is inserted it will create natural gathers - sew the ends of the elastic together.
5. Try on skirt and measure desired hem; fold under and sew.

Finished Product!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pretend Tourist for the Day

A few weeks ago, I accepted a new job and put in my two weeks notice with my old one. While on my last days I received a call from my new one saying my paperwork hadn't gone through yet, and my start date would have to be pushed back. This left me with a week without working, and without obligations. While it was a bit frustrating, because I was prepared and excited to start something new, I was also upset that I had to leave my old job early when I could've stayed longer. And so I questioned why God would give me a week with absolutely nothing to do.

Sometimes we don't understand why things happen a certain way, or why were are given breaks here or there - but I decided that I would use this week to see what God wanted me to see; to do what he wanted me to do; or to rest, like he saw I needed rest.  I think God knew I needed a refresh button, and since I have been starting so many new things, and relationships in the past few weeks, it was time to put things back in perspective.

So, what I decided to do was to enjoy this beautiful city I'm living in, like it was the first time I had seen it. I took the bus downtown and visited all the typical "tourist"spots. I went to Pikes Market, walking through the vendors, and picking out the juiciest honeycrisp apple from the fruit stands to add to my lunch. I stopped by the original Starbucks and waited in a ridiculous line to get my favorite drink. I added my own piece of art to the gum wall, and giggled at the ridiculousness of having an entire alley covered in gum (only in Seattle). I trekked down to the waterfront where I sat on the pier and ate the lunch that I had packed - overlooking the water, the big new carousel, and the ferries that make hundreds of trips every week. I admired the city skyline while sipping on my white mocha, remembering how lucky I am to have embarked on such an amazing journey to follow my dreams.

So take a moment, and refresh yourself with your surroundings. Remind yourself of where you are and what makes it so unique for your life. 

What I wore today:

Recreated Style

Saturday, November 2, 2013

DIY: Blinged Beanie

The Inspiration: Club Monaco Ana Embellished Angora Hat - Seen Here
Price: $69.50
Living in Seattle, the slouchy hat is kind of a staple to every hipster's wardrobe. I myself, wouldn't exactly consider myself a true "hipster" but do appreciate elements of their style, and incorporate them into my own wardrobe at times. The slouchy hat, never really seemed to fit my style though, as I'm not much of a grunge girl, but when I saw this hat at Club Monaco, it definitely fit. 
But, it definitely didn't fit in my price budget... so I thought, why not DIM - do it myself.
Materials Needed:
1. Slouchy hat (mine was from Nordstrom)
2. Pearl beads or jewels that can be sewn on
3. Needle and matching thread 

Arrange beads and jewels on hat in appropriate location and hand sew them in. Be sure to reinforce your stitches because knit stretches.
Time: 30 minutes!

Style: Updated Prep

The other day I got to put my new sequin elbow patch sweater into use! I paired it with a white button up, and a collar black sequin necklace I made last winter. The elbow patches lent a schoolgirl charm, that was made more mature with sequins.
Bonus - revamping a crewneck sweatshirt made this comfy piece of clothing appropriate for work!