Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globe Standouts 2014

 Maria Menounos bold color choice paid off, the sleek lines and fun cut outs while being styled simply keeps her looking elegant despite.
Kate's dress seems like one we've seen before yet we have yet to grow tired of it! The cut and lace are admirably fitted and covered, yet the sheerness of it lends a youthful touch.  

 These three ladies wore some of my favorite looks of the night. And it's not because of my new found love of Downton Abbey... the silhouettes are so feminine and the stiff skirts take us to a different era - and the peek-a-boo ankle shows off some very cute shoes!
This is my "fun" choice for the night. The mix of prints and polka dots is so light-hearted and like many of the gowns of the evening the length hits must above the ankle