Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chasing Sunsets

I thought the title was appropriate as I am heading westward tonight, and will be literally flying into the sunset. And while the lighting and my travels is what inspired my title for this blog post, this styling is more about layering and making light summer dresses work appropriate.

One of my favorite brands right now is Free People. I love it because they have very unique patterns and stylings, with soft and flowing fabrics. Unfortunately, they aren't always the most appropriate in certain situations for those of us who aren't hippies. I picked up this dress at Macy's on way sale (I love shopping for FP at the larger department stores as they typically have more sales and coupons for even more off). I loved the color and length of this dress, along with the crocheted detailing along the hem. But it is spaghetti straps, and has long armholes - which can be cute with a bandeau bra, but not necessarily the most appropriate for work, where I spend the majority of my time. I transformed it into a skirt - and I've done it with other dresses before as well - by adding a belt and tucking a shorter or less bulky shirt up and under it can create the illusion of being two pieces, and now its way more appropriate:)
Some of my favorite shoes now are from the Samantha Pleet collection part of Wolverine 1000 Mile brand. She has designed this line of shoes based off of vintage shoe patterns, so they're very dainty and feminine while still being very practical. Check out the Louis here.

I love Free People because of the detailing in their garments - the crocheting on the hem gives it a nice crape because of the weight.

My sister was able to catch the most beautiful lighting in these photos - you can check out more of her photography here.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Congratulations to Nicole on winning a turban headband through Allison Christians Photography's thank you post! Wanting to thank my followers as well, I made an extra to have a second "Thank You!" You can gain one entry or multiple entries, by liking this post and Facebook page (find here),  commenting on blog post, and/or another by also sharing the post. Good luck, ends Aug. 25 @7 pm!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Floral Fest

I love planning parties, being crafty and bringing friends together, and I get inspiration for these things in the weirdest places. What actually made me want to do this, was finding a set of blue floral fabric napkins at the vintage market.  From there, I set the date, sent out invites and made a menu into what became a beautiful night.

It was a wonderful night filled with people I love, wine and lots of laughter - and surprisingly good food for not having to cook for the past five months.
 Yeah, I'm pretty excited to be getting a niece soon.

 I wanted to have an activity for my guests to do while we mingled and waited for dinner. I love the look of big floral wreaths from these past seasons - especially gaining inspiration from Dolce and Gabanna. It was a great idea, and made the event even more special to have something for my guests to wear for the night and take home to remember.

 Appetizer: Bruschetta - slice up fresh french bread; chop tomatoes and dice fresh mozzarella. Spray bread with olive oil, place in oven to toast, and for the last few minutes melt mozzarella and tomato, then crumbling basil on top.

I think they think I'm the weird one in our group.

 Strawberry, blue cheese, and candied walnut salad. I candied the walnuts myself, and it was surprisingly easy! Take one cup of chopped walnuts and place in skillet with 2 tbsp of butter and 1/2 cup of white sugar, and just keep mixing till the sugar caramelizes around the walnut - takes about five minutes of continual stirring.
Not pictured is Fettecini Alfredo with grilled chicken, and for dessert I made mini mud pies - they were definitely a hit!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New York City Part 2

 Call me a dork. But I had to be on the Today show. So while my travel companions slept in, I was up before the sun to get down to the studio right away (by the way, there was no time for coffee, which is a sin - had to get a good spot!) It was a good experience, but I didn't really see the anchors until....
 ... yes, this looks like a selfie. But what I could see through that window was Matt, Savannah, Dylan and Carson. I was in the window behind the anchors! And while I was snapping pictures, unbeknown to me, I was in their background shot - this classic tourist taking pictures through a window where you can't take pictures through haha.
 Once everyone else woke up, we headed to the Wolverine store - a beautiful, unique store in SOHO. We were able to meet with the manager and here more about what they are doing there, as well as look at the beautiful products.

 Later, we got dressed up for a fun night out. We went to an adorable Italian restaurant, where we were the only patrons. Apparently, it's not cool to go out for dinner at 5:30 in New York. Either way, I got a hearty Italian meal with a sweet glass of wine.
 If this isn't a maternity ad, then I don't know what is.
 Again, while researching for this trip I had a lot of lists. Lists of shopping areas, lists of restaurants, lists of activities... and I have to admit, that my longest list was a list of sweet shops. Because that's a thing in there. There are cupcake shops, cronut stops, donut diners and places devoted only to cookies.
 Yes, thats a funfetti cookie. YUM.
 After a quick cookie pit stop, we headed to Broadway where we saw the Phantom of the Opera. And if you could've seen my face when the opening music played and the the chandelier was raised above, you would've seen a giant goofy grin on my face.  I probably looked ridiculous, but it was so so good.

My last night, I was able to meet up with this dear lady again for a goodbye over Indian cuisine. I love laughing with her and can't wait to meet up again in NYC.