Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Old Navy Dress Series: Look #1

I love layering. LOVE IT. And that's probably why I love Fall. Because when you layer, there's a thousand new outfits with each piece you add. Over and over I get it from friends and family "I have so many clothes, but I don't know how they go together!" I've been a victim of this as well - aimlessly staring into my overstuffed closet thinking I have nothing to wear. This problem stems from buying individual pieces that on their own are great and all, but you then realize that it's a "solo" piece. Something you try on every day in a million different ways and can't find the right match for it. Over the past couple years I now imagine a couple scenarios before I hand over the cash. I try to picture three different outfits and ways I can wear it dressed up and dressed down. This has prevented the purchase of regrets. So when I went into Old Navy while in NYC I wasn't really expecting to purchase anything - but then I saw this dress and loved the beading and shift shape of it. Since it was full price, and probably more than I usually spend at Old Navy I was really thoughtful of how to wear it. Because of the shift shape, a white button cinched up at the waist with a bow belt can easily layer underneath, without being frumpy looking.  Makes a classic 9-5 look with a twist.

Be on the look out this week for Looks #2 and #3 and let me know what you think!

Dress - Old Navy
Blouse - Banana Republic
Shoes - Franco Sarto
Bag - Prada
Necklace - Goodwill

Naomi Joy

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer Stopped By

Sometimes, summer abruptly ends and you're a little disappointed that you didn't get to say goodbye, and fall comes in with a breezy hello. But then it comes back a couple weeks later to say "Hey, I was in the neighborhood, and thought I'd pop by to say hi!" And you are so excited that this good friend came back. 

Well, that's exactly what I think happens when a week like this comes back around to Michigan at the end of September. And while it's probably not a good idea to bring out those summer beach dresses, there are a few ways you can peel off some layers to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. And while I love the many options and layers that come with Fall, I'm happy to have this return to warmer weather - there are plenty of cold days to come. [Winter's coming] *anyone?:)

I love this Anthropologie dress that I got from Twice, an online consignment store, where you can buy and sell gently used designer brand clothing. I think its the perfect transition dress from Summer through Fall to Winter. Here I paired it with some ankle boots and jean jacket, but I'm excited to dress it up for some Holiday gatherings - especially with the coral red floral and silver embroidery details!

Anthropologie Dress - Twice.com
Boots - Thrifted
Jean Jacket - Younkers
Rings - Forever 21

Naomi Joy

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm Not a Mommy Blogger... And These Aren't Mom Jeans

I want to tell you a little more about me and why I'm here...

Here's the thing. I'm not a mommy blogger, I won't be posting cute pregnancy pics, or perfectly adorable family photos. I'm not in a perfectly synchronized, corresponding outfits type marriage with my husband, in fact - there's not even a sweet boyfriend who I take adventurous road trips with, or try new restaurants. I'm not even this crazy fashionista who thirsts after the next new Birkin Bag, or is sporting the weird new sock with sandals trend (it's a real thing).  It's just me. As much as I love reading and following these types of bloggers,  I know that's not where I am right now, and I know that other people are in the same spot as me and I want them to know - I am here!  I can relate! 

I am a single, hard-working, twenty-something, who loves fashion, designing, sewing, DIY projects and styling. I also love traveling, trying new things, antiquing, watching bad reality TV, baking cookies, being active, and am here to offer a bit of honesty. And if you are a mom, a grandma, a fiance, or college student - wherever you are in life, I hope I can relate to you as well, and that you will stop here for awhile. Because I think style, just like life experiences, transcends all ages, and its good to get different perspectives.
Please read on to hear about this outfit.
I liked this easy weekend outfit, and with my new hair I felt like I was channeling the 70's in a peasant top, thrifted Dooney&Burke bag and these jeans. I just picked out these high-waist jeans from Gap's clearance, so they were pretty cheap - which makes it easier to try out this trend. I like the length of the rise of these jeans, because I think there's a big difference between Urban Outfitter's sky high mom jeans (that seriously only look good if you're six feet tall - stay away!) and a classier length that come in at your waist to offer some serious curves.  
What do you think of the high waist styles out there?
Peasant Top - H&M
Jeans -  Gap
Bag - Dooney & Burke Bag, thrifted (for $10!)
Shoes - Wolverine 1000 Mile

Here's to a fast and productive Monday - Cheers!

Naomi Joy

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Transitioning from Summer - In Seattle

Welcome to Seattle! Without a doubt, the first thing people ask after learning I lived in Seattle is:
"Is it true, does it rain a lot?"
To which I respond - "of course not!"
This may be a bold faced lie... but even if it does rain quite a bit there, it doesn't stop it from being one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to. And let me tell you, when the sun is out - Seattle people know what's up... which would be the sun.

Coming back to Seattle since moving to Michigan for a short visit was so much fun, and I was welcomed by so many friendly and familiar faces. It's funny and sad how two places so far apart from each other can both can feel so comfortable and homey. And how your heart can break while leaving each place, yet be filled with so much joy to be visiting the other.

But my visit did mark a change - because while I was expecting a warm last weekend of summer in Seattle, it actually was chillier than my packed wardrobe anticipated. But it turned out to be a great opportunity to figure out ways to bring floral prints to the next season. I loved the way this outfit turned out pairing a floral, brightly printed dress with a black and leather track jacket.

Seattle, it was a pleasure, as always. Thanks for the memories.

BTW - be on the lookout for a post from ^this^ gem of a person above. She's got serious city style. and one of the best wardrobes I know.

Dress - H&M
Jacket - Club Monaco

Naomi Joy

Sunday, September 14, 2014

One Skirt || Two Ways

I got this skirt on double clearance at J.Crew, and you don't say no to a $15 J.Crew skirt, even if it's a color way outside your comfort zone of comfortable neutrals and blacks.

 So thinking about what to pair with it was a little difficult -  I think because I wanted to continue to play it safe by pairing it with white or black tops, and they just didn't mesh well with such a bright skirt. This needed something fun and bold! So I saw this top hanging in my mom's closet and knew that this was the perfect chance to experience with color-blocking. Styling for color-blocking needs simple additions as it already has a bold quality to it. Choose neutral shoes and minimal jewelry. This was a great look for the day and work, and because of the playfulness of the colors I didn't feel like I was too dressed up or out of place.

For a dressier evening look - I chose one of my favorite shirts that I actually designed as well. I love this sequin top, it really goes with everything adding a bit of glam to a dress down look, or sophistication to a fancier evening. I love the way the texture of the sequins looks against the chartreuse, and pairing it with black pumps brings an end to the outfit. I felt like the necklace was a good fit with the look as well because it had parts with the same chartreuse coloring in it, along with pinks and turquoise, which were fun elements to add.

I hope these looks inspired you!

Skirt - J.Crew
Blue Top - Talbots
Tan Sandals - Naturalizers
Sequin Top - Made by me
Necklace - Younkers
Black Pumps - Franco Sarto

Naomi Joy

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Partner-In-Crime: Adventure Series

 Since moving back to Michigan and home for my job, one of the biggest joys in my life is my mom. A friend recently asked if I've had any issues with living at home with my parents - and I could honestly say no. While I would love to be in my own place, I know that will come all to soon, and until then I'm relishing being so close to my parents. 
One thing my mom and I have started since I moved back is our Saturday adventures. She is always up for anything I throw her way, and puts up with my obsession with small town antiquing. A few weeks ago, we visited downtown Lowell.

Here's some facts about this lovely lady:
1. She has great style - and an awesome wardrobe that often ends up in my hands.
2. She loves to shop... and we make one of the best shopping teams.
3. We both have an obsession with coffee, and usually whenever we visit a new place a coffee shop is the first thing we seek out.
4. She is STRONG - like she lifts weights... woman's got mad biceps don't challenge her to an arm wrestling match.
5. She is the goofiest person I know, and if you have the pleasure of knowing her, you'd probably realize where I get it from pretttty quickly.
6. She's a world traveler, mountain hiker, water skier, adventurous lady.
7. She gets compliments on her hair everywhere we go. Literally. Every where we go. 
8. She is the most humble and loving person I know, and a most gracious host.
9. She yells out loudly and slowly to her phone in order to send/write a text. Which is embarrassing and hilarious, because she does it in public.

I could go on, but I don't want to make her head big (she's usually one of the first ones to read my posts, which is another reason why she's so great) - but I know she's not the only great mom out there, so what are some reasons why you and your mom are the best of friends?

 Lowell is situated on a beautiful river with walking paths along the edge - its a great place to pack a picnic and walk, then antique and drink coffee!

My outfit is featuring a DIY Kimono which I will share with you in a later post, but it's SUPER easy. Like literally, three lines of stitching..
Tee - J.Crew
Jeans - Target
Shoes - Hush Puppies (Chaste Slipper)

Naomi Joy

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Long and Short of It

Here's the long and short of it. 

In short, summer's ending.

In long, that doesn't mean we can't carry over our summer pieces as fall slowly cools us down over the next month.

 Looking at the trends for Fall and Winter 14/15, bright colors and whites are still very important. Especially since we are moving into a more transient world where 24/7 we are connected with people in many different places, time zones, and climates - all this makes seasons more irrelevant. So why not wear white after labor day? Why not bring your jean shorts with tights into the fall season? 

If your falls are anything like ours in Michigan, September can be an unpredictable weather month filled with hot hot days, and then all of sudden a storm comes through and all the trees are red and there's a cool breeze that brings out our sweaters and boots. Till then hold on to your summer wardrobe - there's lots of ways to style those pieces to make them appropriate for the start of fall.

Tee - J.Crew
Shorts - TJ Maxx
Cardigan - Free People
Shoes - Cat Footwear here 

Naomi Joy

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Colorblocking : Braclet DIY

Even though summer is ending, it doesn't mean the fun has to stop. While my wardrobe is usually stocked full of neutrals, these pops of color add some vibrancy to my outfits. And if you don't feel like wearing a bright pink or neon green top, this is an easy, subtle change you can make.
-Embroidery thread in three to four colors
-Shower ring/scarf ring/old bracelet
-Hot glue gun

1. Measure around your bracelet the circumference, and then divide that by how many colors you are planning on using. For example; I had four colors, and my ring's circumference was 8 inches. Because I wanted to use each color at least twice, I divided that number again by four (the # of colors) So each color block would be one inch long.
2. When you figure out how many colors/how long they each shall be you begin by tying a knot with one color around the ring. Hide the tail of the knot by wrapping over it. and gluing underneath the wrapping. To keep it neat looking, hot glue only on the inside of the bracelet.
3. Knot and wrap for each proceeding color and end by knotting your last color leaving a long tail, then wrap tail to cover knot and hold it down with a dab of hot glue.