Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Classic Naomi

I feel like this is a classic "Naomi" look. Black skinnies. Long blouse. Layering. Chunky necklaces. Cute Jacket, and Ankle bootie wedges. This is the look I revert to when things need to move fast in the morning because I hit the snooze button one too many times. 

Everyone has a classic look, whether its jeans and a tee, cute dress and leggings, or over-sized sweaters paired with infinity scarves for a cozy look. This is good. This is great! It's not a bad thing to have a certain style that you can revert to and feel totally comfortable and yourself in.
 This is when accessories come in to make your "classic" outfit pop.  I'm always on the lookout for unique new pieces of jewelry, and have a hard time getting rid of my older pieces, so have a large selection to choose from to make each classic look a little different from the last. Of course, I love my Wolverine Socialite wedges, and this is the purrfect color for fall. A nice pop without standing out in too big of a contrast.

Crop tee - H&M
Blouse - Thrifted
Black Leather Jeggings - J.Crew Outlet
Necklace - Younkers
Booties - Wolverine 1000 Mile

Naomi Joy

Monday, October 27, 2014

"Put-Togetherness": Styling Stephanie

This is my good good friend, Stephanie. She may look recognizable, as she had just gracefully blessed us with her presence on my blog by modeling my fall plaid headbands in the post below. She is gorgeous, inside and out - with a humble, generously giving spirit, and also super fun - always up for an adventure!
She recently started a new job, moving from a place that had a more casual dress code, to a position that required a little more of what I call "put-togetherness." While she has an ah-ma-zing wardrobe (thanks in part to a wonderful mother-in-law who is probably ecstatic to finally have a daughter), she wanted some help to go through it and re-organize the outfits she has been wearing into something more appropriate for her new job. Of course it's always fun for me to dress friends, especially friends who trustingly put on whatever you hand them :) This look is all about layering dressier pieces on top, and pairing with well cut jeans. We layered a silk blouse, sweater/sweatshirt and blazer. Also we just love these Wolverine boots, and they were a nice tie-in to the colors in the patterned silk blouse.

Boots - Wolverine
Blouse, sweater and blazer - J.Crew

Naomi Joy

Thursday, October 23, 2014


My favorite time of year has come again - I love the season of anticipation for holidays, cooler weather, layers, and PLAIDS. A few years ago I started making these fleece headbands and giving them to family and friends, and not only are they super cute... they are SUPER soft and warm. So decided this year I'd offer them up to my extended family and friends -all you out there! If you're interested simply email me at, letting me know which style you're interested in, and an address to send the headband to. There are limited numbers of each style, but I'd love to work with you if you're looking for something specific!

p.s. thanks to my dear friend Stephanie for being such a wonderful model!

Naomi Joy

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DIY: Painted Graphic Tee

A fun look going on in the street scene these days is graphic word tees. I like dressing them up or down, as they work well with my dressier skirts or bottoms and bling-y necklaces, or make a statement with a weekend look of sweatpants. While I love these tees... (especially the J.Crew ones) I can't and won't spend more than $30 on a simple tee with two words on it - so I came up with this fun and simple DIY.
[Jump to the bottom for some simple instructions]

Saturdays are made for comfy clothes, but don't jumps so quickly to the scrubs or your boyfriend's sweatpants. A jean jacket styled with cuffed jogger pants and a tee adds a little bit of a silhouette to an otherwise looser fit. And I LOVE these shoes - the leopard print adds a fun contrast print to the outfit, plus their uber comfy.

You're going to want to use specific fabric paint (found at any craft store) so that there is no fading, I like black as its understated, but chic, however I definitely think some chartreuse green is in my future. 
-With masking or painters' tape I leveled off three lines to mark the top of where my letters will reach, and to keep a straight line (definitely am a drifter when there is no guidelines). If you need more guidelines while painting your letters, you can practice with fabric chalk first.
-To make the box around the words, I found a shape I could tape around and mark my lines - I used a magazine, which worked really well.
-Let dry, and for first wash, wash alone to prevent bleeding on other garments

White tee - Gap
Sweat pants - J.Crew
Jean Jacket - Ruff Hewn
Shoes - Madden Girl

Naomi Joy

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hairy Situations.

You may have noticed, but I tried this new hair thing... ombre. This was the first time I've died my hair (even if its just the top half) darker from my blonde hair. I was always afraid that if I went dark I'd never go back. Well, I'm still debating the whole look - especially since I got especially daring with bangs. Bangs are one of life's conundrums to me. One minute you're looking in the mirror thinking ya, these look pretty hip. The next you're staring at a picture of stringy wisps of hair plastered to your forehead. All in all, I think I've realized that they're not the type of style that you can just wake up in the morning and go with - they definitely take some styling on my part, and my hair is probably one of my laziest parts of styling each day.
That being said. I DO like it when it's styled, and even get a fair number of compliments when this happens. I have made it a goal to work on working on my hair, the part of my look that is allotted the least amount of time in the morning. I'm going to try out a new styled do each week, and we'll see if I can get good enough so the time won't cut too much into my morning routine:)

Ps.. there is an outfit in this post isn't there... I LOVE these boots. Mainly because they combine two of my favorite fall looks. Plaids and ankle booties. Definitely offered a great pop of color to an otherwise neutral, customary look.

Jacket - Forever 21
Shirt - JC Penny
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Cat Footwear
Bag - Prada friend hand-me-down

Naomi Joy

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Welcome to the 90's

Welcome to the 90's.

Do you remember that meme that was going around Pinterest a while back, that had a bunch of "You know you're from the nineties, if.... if you think 1990 was ten years ago.

Yup, well I definitely still think that sometimes. Isn't it crazy? We live in the 2000's - pretty soon its going to be 2049 and we're going to be living like Zenon, girl of the 21st century! 

It doesn't seem like enough time has passed for 90's trends to be recycled, but its been 20 years and apparently that's how long it takes for these trends to be resurfaced.

Well, I'm not complaining - I do like some of the style and effortless grunge from this decade (though you'll never get me in a cropped top and mini skirt like our girl Cher, from Clueless). I love the way plaids are accenting outfits wrapped around the waist of a jeans and tee, or I've seen a lot of plaids tied around a simple black dress with ankle booties. Definitely great looks, and easy to pull off - plus how can you not be impressed with the versatility of the outfit and always having an extra layer on hand:) I paired these with my original 1000 mile boots - I love these boots and could literally walk 1000 miles in them (cue music video...)

I put this look together for a Black Keys concert - I always thought of that band as a little rocker, a little psychedelic, a little dance-y, a little chill... this concert was all these things and I think I definitely wasn't the only one rocking red lips and a plaid shirt.

Shirt - H&M
Plaid - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Joe Fresh
Boots - 1000 Mile

Naomi Joy

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wolverine's Fashion Night Out

Can I just say, I have an amazing job - I get to blend my passions of designing, fashion, and shoes working for Wolverine Footwear. Then outside of work I have this, Make It Up Style DIY. A place where I can share about my life, my latest DIY projects, and how I interpret style. 

This past weekend, my two worlds collided when Wolverine hosted it's annual Fashion's Night Out in downtown Grand Rapids. It was a beautiful event displaying Wolverine's latest collection, and hosted by one of my favorite blogger's Selective Potential. Along with Grand Rapids media buffs, the event was also attended by a gang of style mavens and local bloggers. It was weird to meet in person all these people who I've been following and getting to know through their blogs for the past few months since I started. And they were SO friendly! I loved meeting every single one, I think you look at these different websites, and admire their lifestyles, fashion tastes, and forget that they are real people too. This was my first experience in the blogger community and everyone was so welcoming,
 so thank you!

Here are just a few of the bloggers I got to meet - thank you so much for opening your worlds up to me, and I can't wait for the next blogger meet-up!

Naomi Joy