Monday, March 23, 2015

Leather Laptop Case DIY

It's funny how something I use so often, I take for granted, and treat so poorly. You save up for your first big purchase as you head off to college or your first job, and then stuff it in backpacks or throw in the back seat of cars - yes, I'm talking about our laptops. It's time we shared the love with our laptops and offer them some protection. For me - it was more of a style statement - not wanting to carry around a case or the hassle of zipping it into a protective covering. 
Luckily, with my handy dandy leather hole-puncher at the ready, and a pile of leather collecting dust in my fabric closet I was able to whip this baby up with no "real sewing" in no time. And my laptop can finally rest easy:)
(Blanket Stitch Youtube Video Instructions: HERE)

Cheers to Mondays!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Fringe Benefits: T-shirt DIY

Well the sun has finally made an appearance in Michigan, and bloggers everywhere are climbing out of hibernation, shedding their chunky sweaters, blanket scarves and letting their feet out of the boots to breathe a little.. me included! It's finally warm enough to take pictures outside for more than ten minutes without catching hypothermia, halleluiah! To celebrate, I've been storing up all sorts of DIY projects that I've wanted to shoot (but couldn't because of the subzero temperatures) and am so excited to finally be able to share them!
We'll start with something reaaaaaal easy. Like super easy. Like this didn't take more than ten minutes. This is my Fun Fringe t-shirt! Fringe has been a super big trend this year, and when I was going through clothes to get rid of - I came across this white drapey tee that I never wore and had an idea. By pairing the two, I could created a more styled, work appropriate shirt, out of something so comfortable and basic as this tee.
Materials needed - A white tee, and about two yards of black fringe (I needed more fringe because the shirt draped into a tent shape so it was much wider at the hem - once you have your tee picked out you can measure the bottom hem to determine how much fringe you will need.) After that  I pinned the fringe along the inside edge of the hem, then sewed down - making sure as I sewed that the fringe was all lying flat so it was getting tucked under and sewn weird. But, like I said, this was literally a ten minute project! Bonus... it's super fun to twirl in!

Double bonus - I got this beautiful clutch from one of my best friends on a recent trip to Africa!

Naomi Joy

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Creative Spaces : My Happy Place

Going through old pictures in my Dropbox I came across a shoot my good friend, Avery, did of my sewing sanctuary during college - capturing where people design and work.

I loved these pictures because this old clunker, my 20 plus-year-old, 20 plus-pounds, Kenmore sewing machine is just captured so beautifully and working behind it holds the most fondest memories for me. Because this is a place where I can freely create and anything becomes possible. behind my old Kenmore sewing machine is one of the most comfortable places for me to work and express my creativity - and the way my 20 year plus used sewing machine is captured in these photos is just so beautifully.

We didn't have much extra space during my college years, but somehow my roommates always graciously allowed me a corner or extra space in our houses/apartments/duplexes to set up my machine with my trust mannequin, Lucy, standing near by.

I believe it's important to always have those set aside places for you to freely create - whether that's a corner in your house, an easy chair for reading by the window, a desk near a fire for writing, or a special napping place - it's important to have that YOU time. It would be a dream to one day have an entire room dedicated to my sewing and designing shenanigans (a room I would never have to clean up at the end of the day) - but for now I love my sewing corner.

What does your creative space look like? Where do you like to escape to?


Naomi Joy

Monday, March 2, 2015

Graham's Grand Adventure: A Plane Birthday Party

 How to throw a 2-year-old a birthday he'll never forget? Easy, because he'll probably never even remember it. But because we live in such a crafty, Pinterest-obsessed world, I had to throw my nephew Graham a birthday centered around his current obsession : planes. And hopefully, through pictures capturing the day one day he'll look at them and remember what an amazing aunt he is:)

Pretty much everything in the pictures printed, was designed by me to match our vintage airplane theme and Graham's Grand Adventure. After making the invite, I was able to pull pieces of it for the rest of the party decorations - cup decorations, posters, and "In-Flight Snack" bags. My favorite decorations was the paper airplane streamer I made. Taking the party colors and making paper airplanes out of them and then sticking them on twine about six inches apart each made them look like jets zooming across the sky.

And then finally, for a game - I gave instructions for two different airplanes for each party goer to make. With hoops hanging from the ceiling at different point values, we found out who could get the most points throwing their airplanes through the hoops. It turned into quite the riot - I was surprised by home much adults could turn into little kids jumping and squealing when there airplane finally went through a loop.
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There were three little guests that were a huge part of making our party so successful. So for each of these little ones I made them a suitcase out of brown paper, and printing off vintage luggage stamps to decorate with. Inside was a home-made pilot skull cap for all those grand adventures in the sky they will take. These were made out of brown fleece, some white Sherpa and leather for the goggles. I didn't use a pattern but would be happy to share the one I made if anyone's interested!
 I can't take credit for this beauty - my mom took on the plane cake that Graham wanted. Though I swear after she took it out and got it ready, she cleaned the entire house and did enough baking for a bakery, doing anything to avoid actually starting the process until I forced her. She was a little embarrassed of the cloud, but I think it turned out great!

All in all, the best part was watching Graham blow out his candles.... and then having to relight them so that my other nephew could blow them out too. Boy, do I love those boys!