Monday, May 4, 2015

A Top 10 List

I got to spend the afternoon with these three goofballs at the Downtown market last weekend, and as a reward for putting up with them, they got me this giant cookie. It was delicious and I was quite excited about it.

 So I found this Free People dress at Macy's earlier this month and thought I would give you a list, because I haven't done a list before of any sort... so why not start with a list of reasons why I love this dress.

1. It has lace, and I LOVE lace.
2.The sleeves are big and belled and make me feel like an angel at the Christmas pageant.
3. Because this dress was s u p e r on sale and I got a steal, a score, a deal.
4. Because it has FOUR tassels instead of two, which just means there's two more tassels to play with and swing around.
5. Its an appropriate length - not too short where I can't wear it without leggings, but not too long where it looks disproportionate and like I'm wearing a bag.
6. The material is a super light weight cotton, and with lace running down the sleeve lengths, even though it covers so much, it would never feel hot.
7. This dress has POCKETS. And if you're dress does not have pockets, that's really unfortunate, because pockets are the best.
8. You can't see this, but the back is pretty open but covered in lace - I love an [exposed] back.
9. Because my mom loves this dress, and I think my mom has pretty cool style so if it's got her stamp of approval it means its gotta be good.
10. Because this is going to be my Italy dress - the dress I wear when walking the streets of Venice or Verona when I visit this summer. It's always fun to buy clothes with a destination in mind of where you can wear them.

While I didn't have all these points when I bought it, I did have a similar though process - how much less would we buy if we made ourselves come up with 10 reasons why you loved something before you purchased it. I know I end up with a lot of ho hum clothes because I don't have enough reasons to love them. Maybe we need to challenge ourselves to come up with a Top 10 list when out at the mall or store making purchasing decisions.

I got a nerdy graduation party post coming up for you next, so stay tuned!

Naomi Joy