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Here's the thing. I'm not a mommy blogger, I won't be posting cute pregnancy pics, or perfectly adorable family photos. I'm not in a perfectly synchronized, corresponding outfits type marriage with my husband, in fact - there's not even a sweet boyfriend who I take adventurous road trips with, and try new restaurants. I'm not even this crazy fashionista who thirsts after the next new Birkin Bag, or is sporting the weird new sock with sandals trend.  It's just me. As much as I love reading and following these types of bloggers,  I know that's not where I am right now, and I know that other people are in the same spot as me and I want them to know - I am here!  I can relate! 

I am a single, working, twenty-something, who loves fashion, designing, sewing, DIY projects and styling. I also love traveling, trying new things, antiquing, watching bad reality TV, baking cookies, being active, and am here to offer a bit of honesty. And if you are a mom, a grandma, a fiance, or college student - wherever you are in life, I hope I can relate to you as well, and that you will stop here for awhile. Because I think style, just like life experiences, transcends all ages, and its good to get different perspectives. 
If this all intrigues you, read on below to hear a little about my history!

I have been designing, styling and sewing my Barbie's clothes since I was little, just hand sewing - and then, one day, my mom entrusted me with her sewing machine.. and I've been a sewing machine since (he he, get it?). Throughout high school I took every sewing class I could get my hands on to improve my skills, and then decided that designing was something I was very passionate about so I  moved to Seattle and got my bachelors in apparel design - one of the best decisions of my life. 

I am passionate about sewing, designing and styling, not just because I love clothes... but because I love the way you can transform your look through what you put together. I love that women are all different shapes and sizes, and I love figuring out what is best for my body figure, what's best for my sister's body figure, or my best friends, or a perfect stranger - because we are all beautiful.
The other half of it is, I love shopping. Maybe I wouldn't even say shopping, it's more like treasure hunting. I love hunting through racks and racks of thrift stores and antique stores;  looking at a shirt or dress to see what I can do to make it into something wearable and modern. So I do a lot of up-cycling as well. I would love to be able to show you that you don't have to spend a fortune in order to have an up-to-date, steppin'-off-the-runway kind of look.

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